Aerial Insights: Taking Inspections to New Heights

(Gilberto Pinela) --- Take a walk down the corridor of innovation at CET@CIC, and you will run into a quite fascinating corner of the technology universe. Aerial Insights — a startup led by founder and physicist-in-training Harrison Knoll, assisted by a diverse group […]

Connecting Innovation and Inclusion in St. Louis’s Startup Boom

(Gilberto Pinela) --- May 10, 2017 Ensuring that everyone in St. Louis benefits from the city’s innovation boom. St. Louis has always been a city of entrepreneurs. From German American beer baron Adolphus Busch to African American hair care mogul Annie Malone, St. […]

CIC Launches Third Innovation Hub in St. Louis’ Cortex District

(Cortex) --- The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) has announced an agreement with Wexford Science and Technology to open a new 41,000-square-foot space in St. Louis’s Cortex Innovation Community, a key step towards boosting the startup ecosystem in what’s already been named one of […]

The Delightful Cake Toppers of Rebecca Greene

(Cortex) --- Just weeks after moving to St. Louis to start businesses, Rebecca Greene and her boyfriend were strolling around the Murmuration Festival when they decided to step into TechShop for a quick tour. “We were like, ‘Wow, this is definitely what […]

Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast: Creating Places and Spaces for New Ideas

(Cortex) --- The “Entrepreneurially Thinking” podcast brought to you by CET & BIOSTL with hosts Christy Maxfield, and Cheryl Watkins-Moore focuses on helping listeners step outside their comfort zone to expand mindsets and create new pathways to business success. They feature conversations about what […]