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About CET

Founded in 1998, the Center for Emerging Technologies (CET) has provided knowledgeable support services, entrepreneur training programs and access to capital needed to establish and develop next generation bioscience, medical and other advanced technology companies. CET is the oldest state-designated Missouri Innovation Center in the statewide network. An affiliate of the Cortex Innovation Community since 2012, CET fills an important program role in the Cortex district and broader St. Louis region.

In July 2014, CIC-St. Louis assumed management of the CET building, rebranding it as CIC@CET. CIC is a recognized global leader in smart space design and service delivery for emerging technology businesses. CIC@CET is currently undergoing a $5M renovation, including the district’s first co-working space. For more information on the CIC@CET co-working space, opening January 2015, click here.

Companies in CIC@CET and CIC@4240 will benefit from collaborative programming and networking as part of the CIC-St. Louis community, as well as the CIC Cambridge community. CET is the oldest state-designated Missouri Innovation Center and now with the CIC-St. Louis partnership, can focus fully on the development and delivery of entrepreneurial program services for startup tech companies, which is a key objective of all the Innovation Centers.

Board of Directors

Nasser Arshadi, Ph.D.
Vice Provost
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Mr. John W. Bachmann
Senior Partner
Edward Jones

Ms. Kathleen Brady
Vice President for Facilities Mgmt. and Civic Affairs
Saint Louis University

Brian L. Clevinger, Ph.D.
Managing Director
Prolog Ventures LLC

Mr. Richard C. D. Fleming
Community Development
Ventures, Inc.

Mr. Maurice Foxworth
President and CEO
Innovation Works

Thomas F. George, Ph.D.
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Dennis E. Lower
President and CEO

Mr. Jeffrey M. McDonnell
Vice President
J & J Management Services

William A. Peck, M.D.
Center for Health Policy
Olin School of Business
Washington University in St. Louis

Mr. Jeffrey E. Peterson
Monsanto Company – Retired

Mr. Steven C. Roberts
President and COO
Roberts Companies

Mr. Dale E. Ruthsatz
Deputy Executive Director
St. Louis Development Corp.

David A. Smoller, Ph.D.
Retired – Chief Scientific Officer
Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology

Blanche M. Touhill, Ph.D.
Chancellor Emerita
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Mr. Michael R. Turley
Chairman, CET Board
Member/ Retired
Lewis, Rice & Fingersh


President – Dennis E. Lower
Treasurer – Michael Turley
Secretary – Heather Beaven


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