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About CET

Since 1998, the Center for Emerging Technologies (CET) has provided the specialized facilities, knowledgeable support services, entrepreneur training programs, and access to capital needed to establish and develop next generation bioscience, medical and other advanced technology companies.

CET’s operations are supported by the Missouri Technology Corporation, City of St. Louis and private donors. Capital funding has been provided by the St. Louis Development Corporation, Missouri Development Finance Board, U.S. Economic Development Administration and St. Louis companies. Learn more.


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CET Companies

  • traxxsson
  • tradeharbor
  • sadar
  • right_on
  • pepex
  • orion
  • omicmed
  • multicore_ware
  • mobius
  • medros
  • kereos
  • Immuno_photonics
  • Grove
  • generico
  • eternogen
  • cardiolen
  • C2N
  • biosynthema
  • biogenerator
  • bacterioscan
  • auxagen
  • APT Therapeutics
  • aisle411
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CET provides pre-tenant and tenant companies with individualized support. Learn more.


Company Development

Find out about the programs CET has in place to assist your company.

Company Development

CET Job Opportunities

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Job Opportunities


Accelerate St. Louis
St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment Resources

Calendar of Events

  • November 22 beginning at 7:45 a.m. – 2014 St. Louis Institute of Nanoscience & Nanomedicine (SLINN) Symposium
  • December 4, 2014 at 12:15 p.m. – CIC@CET Client Brown Bag Lunch
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Tenants Connection

We’re all about tenant collaboration at CET

Register and view our Tenants Connection message board to share information with colleagues.

Leasing Information

Leasing and Developing

As the premier innovation hub of technology and biomedical science in St. Louis, Cortex may be the best place for you to build your future. See our commercial leasing options.

Leasing and Developing
Location and Transportation

Location & Transportation

Cortex is perfectly located in the heart of St. Louis. Convenient to major highways and public transportation, in the heart of a vibrant community and retail area. Learn more.

Location &
Inclusion Commitments

Inclusion Efforts

Cortex is committed to diversity and inclusion in everything we do, from our development projects to our startup programs. Learn more about our inclusion commitments.

Inclusion Commitments

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