Ascension Technologies Opens Satellite Office at Cortex









Ascension Technologies, the Technology Solutions Group for Ascension, has opened a new satellite office at 4240 Duncan Ave. in Cortex. The space will initially house around 20 associates who focus on web and mobile development, tech automation, cloud strategy, analytics and data science, and virtual care — a number that is expected to grow as the organization adds additional technology professionals.

“We opened this satellite office at Cortex to be part of an innovative community, and give our associates more opportunities to network and collaborate with their technology peers from across our region,” said Gerry Lewis, Ascension Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Ascension Technologies. “We appreciate the diversity we see there and hope to benefit from the creative thinking that diversity of skill and thought inspires, something that can only serve to improve the products and services we offer as a leader in the healthcare technology space.”

Located on the second floor, the office covers 17,000 square feet and has four formal conference rooms. Ascension Technologies will celebrate the new space with an open house Dec. 6 that features presentations from Ascension and Ascension Technologies leadership.










Given the increased competition for technology talent, the organization also expects the satellite office to help with its recruiting efforts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. The Cortex’s proximity to local universities should offer Ascension Technologies an opportunity to find top professionals to work in a variety of technology disciplines.









“Cortex is thrilled to add Ascension Technologies to our innovation community,” said Dennis Lower, President and CEO, Cortex Innovation Community. “We hope to provide a platform of engagement for Ascension where they can experience and contribute to the creative, entrepreneurial energy that feeds innovation and finds solutions that support their critical healthcare mission.”

In operation for 12 years, Ascension Technologies is one of the nation’s largest healthcare technology services organizations. The company’s goal is to provide Ascension and its subsidiaries access to data across all applications, transforming the customer experience when interacting with technology and allowing Ascension to better serve communities with greater agility and responsiveness.

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Photo credit: Ascension PR / Cortex staff