Cortex Resident Epharmix Partners with Provident Focused on Suicide Prevention

Cortex-based Epharmix, which builds communication tools to help healthcare teams monitor the health of the most at risk patients, today unveiled a partnership with mental healthcare organization Provident to provide help patients at risk for suicide, ensure more convenient access to mental health services and improve care through follow-up phone calls and automated texts.

“This partnership centers on one goal: saving lives,” said CEO Kevin Drollinger of Provident, the first agency to use Epharmix technology focused on suicide prevention. “The digital tools created by Epharmix are a modern leap forward for our industry, equipping Provident’s care teams with a new way to identify at-risk patients and rapidly respond.”

The Epharmix system uses automated texts and phone calls to collect patient-reported mental health status and share it with care teams in real time. Provident has implemented the technology as part of their Hope After program, which works to reduce the risk of suicide in adults following an attempt or crisis. Provident’s mental healthcare team is able to monitor a large and sensitive population between appointments and receive alerts, helping care teams reach out to the right patient at the right time.

Patients are able to share their mental health status in a manner that is convenient while being reminded that there is a caring professional paying attention to their wellbeing. The result is better health outcomes for at-risk patients and a more streamlined workload for care teams.

“Epharmix is grateful and excited to help support the Provident team in bringing high-impact, innovative care to patients who need it most,” said Blake Marggraff, CEO of Epharmix. “The collaborative approach and technology-enabled team that Provident has designed are evidence that mental and behavioral health services can sustainably create brighter futures, and I’m proud that Epharmix is able to help.”

What is Epharmix? from Epharmix on Vimeo.