Entrepreneurially Thinking Podcast: Creating Places and Spaces for New Ideas

The “Entrepreneurially Thinking” podcast brought to you by CET & BIOSTL with hosts Christy Maxfield, and Cheryl Watkins-Moore focuses on helping listeners step outside their comfort zone to expand mindsets and create new pathways to business success. They feature conversations about what it truly means to think entrepreneurially, featuring St. Louis regional thought leaders about how we can all unlock your potential for creativity, innovation, and experimentation.

This week the hosts welcome Kristy and James Jackson with DK Annex and the Social Synergy Project, along with Marc Bowers with Brick City Makes, to tell us more about the new facilities and communities they are building.

While their projects are separate and distinct, both are in St. Louis city and are bringing new life to old buildings, as well as the Fox Park and Benton Park neighborhoods. Our conversation explores how serving entrepreneurs outside the advanced technology ecosystem helps create a vibrant community of creatives, small business owners, and scale-ups.

Listen to “ETHINKSTL-029-Creating Places and Spaces for New Ideas” on Spreaker.