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Listed below, please find inclusion information on all construction projects currently underway or completed throughout the Cortex Innovation Community.

The St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) is responsible for reviewing and verifying project Cortex inclusion results related to minority- and women-owned business enterprises. Workforce participation information is collected by the St. Louis Area Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE). All figures reported on the table, below, are provided in collaboration with these agencies.

The information provided is current as of the date indicated and will be updated periodically.
Cortex and District developers are committed to using good faith efforts to maximize business and workforce inclusion, specifically:

  • Businesses (Mayor’s Executive Order 28, as amended)
    • 25% minority businesses
    • 5% of women-owned businesses
  • Workforce (St. Louis City Ordinance 69427)
    • 25% of labor hours performed by minorities
    • 5% of labor hours performed by women
    • 20% of labor hours performed by City residents
    • 15% of labor hours performed by apprentices enrolled in an approved training program



Cortex Inclusion Summary Table