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Development Opportunities

There are many exciting development opportunities within the Cortex district. Also, there is a range of multi-acres opportunities for new construction to implement the Cortex Master Plan, which was adopted by the Cortex board in 2012. These opportunities range from mixed-use residential/retail sites to signature technology/R&D sites. Below, you will find a list of projects for which we are currently accepting proposals.

  • There are currently no open proposals.

Development Policies

Cortex has been designated the Master Developer of the approximately 200-acre District by the City of St. Louis and can develop properties itself or confer development rights on other developers through a Parcel Development Agreement (PDA). The PDA document details the contractual relationship and requirements between the developer and Cortex and is recorded.

As the Master Developer, Cortex has responsibility and authority to master plan the District, implement the master plan, manage the District, levy property assessments to sustain the District, provide subsidies, and acquire property through eminent domain, if necessary.

A long-term mixed-use master plan was adopted in September 2012 that designates land uses within the District.

All development within the District requires the written approval of Cortex before a City building permit can be issued. Interested developers should contact Cortex to discuss potential development plans in the early planning stages to ensure the proposed development will comply with the master plan and determine what assistance Cortex can provide.