During the week of July 17, 2017, fourteen MBA students from Kuwait’s Gulf University of Science and Technology toured Cortex and engaged in innovating entrepreneurial activities. The University of Missouri – St. Louis’s innovation and entrepreneurship resource, UMSL Accelerate, developed the event to demonstrate the many benefits of participating in the UMSL entrepreneurial program and the excitement of becoming an entrepreneur at UMSL. The group’s visit included tours of TechShop and Cambridge Innovation Center @4240. The activities involved how to use systems thinking to spark creativity in the business setting. The group of MBA students also learned about UMSL Accelerator program’s three main pillars which are Educate, Innovate and Collaborate. Each participant had the opportunity to experience how UMSL students combined classroom learning with extracurricular programming to broaden their knowledge in business and entrepreneurship.

The visit ended with a demonstration of how UMSL has served as a pioneer in the Saint Louis’s entrepreneurship ecosystem by establishing programs like Ameren Accelerator and Gateway Accelerate.

Thank you to the team from UMSL and the MBA students from Kuwait’s Gulf University of Science and Technology for their selection of Cortex as an example of a center for teaching, learning and innovating. Visits to Cortex from groups outside of Saint Louis further demonstrate that this ecosystem serves as the innovation hub of the Midwest and as a partner to entrepreneurs and innovators all over the globe.

The article was redacted from an original blog written by:

Ala Al-Lozi, Pharm.D., MBA Assistant Director       


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