TechShop Member Profile: The Sarcastic Nutritionist

Driving past the large panel windows of TechShop one day, Josh Clauser and Stephanie Margolis got a peak of the artifacts and tools on display behind the glass. This quick glimpse motivated them to take a tour of the TechShop facilities and look into what amenities a membership could offer, eventually deciding this was the place to start building their dream venture: “The Sarcastic Nutritionist.”


Co-founder Josh Clauser developed the idea for The Sarcastic Nutritionist during his college days on the East Coast, where he was learning to use online graphic tools to create nutrition education for people in need. All the knowledge from the days of learning how to market nutrition teaching in a way people would enjoy—and even laugh at—proved to be a hit on social media and the thrust required to embark on an innovative nutrition journey. The membership hub has helped Josh and Stephanie so much that they have become unofficial ambassadors and promote the benefits of becoming a member of the organization.


“TechShop has helped us in so many ways, It has truly been a blessing in helping us take this business to the next level.” said, Josh Clauser.

Josh also added about the membership “It has allowed us access to machinery that can handle larger items.”


Josh gives good examples of the many benefits their yearly membership offers; two of the most important being it is making their life easier and their venture more profitable.  One of their favorite items, the wooden binders, used to be created entirely by hand, and because of lack of equipment they could not buy larger amounts of materials. The inability to purcahse more significant quantities of materials meant an increase in the price per foot. At TechShop, they now have access to bigger and better equipment that can handle more substantial amounts of materials with precision and less time for production, all while maintaining the quality and uniqueness of their products.  The best of part of being a member of the TechShop hub is that the equipment required to make any idea into an actual product is available, and the expertise of people that can guide you is also available and priceless.


The Sarcastic Nutritionist keeps growing both in their online presence and also at brick and mortar stores. The growth is due in part to the ease of membership, and the guidance from TechShop Dream Consultants like Emily Elhoffer and David Cervantes who are always ready and willing to jump in and help their members find a way to make things happens.


Josh ended our conversation by inviting everyone (creative or not) to visit TechShop, take a tour, consider joining and begin working on making your dream come true, because as he puts it: “life is too short, so give it the world.”

For more information about a TechShop membership go to, visit their Facebook or Instagram accounts. The Sarcastic Nutritionist is: