TechShop STL Maker Spotlight: The Sarcastic Nutritionist, a.k.a. Josh Clauser

A couple years ago Josh Clauser was poking fun of his profession as a dietitian. He threw a couple irreverent quips on Facebook (such as “Eat Health Sh—” and “Chamomile the Fu— Down”) and was surprised by the response they received.

Fast forward to 2017 and the 36-year-old Clauser has all but retired from work as nutrition consultant to focus entirely on his consumer-product business The Sarcastic Nutritionist. The company sells clothing and accessories emblazoned with witticisms to foodies and health geeks across the U.S. and into Canada and the UK.

Recently Clauser turned to TechShop St. Louis in hopes of taking his business to the next level. Here’s what he’s discovered along the way:

What drew you to TechShop?

A lot of people think TechShop is only for startups that are heavily involved in technology, like building robots or something. At least, that’s what I thought. But then one day I drove by and saw the sewing machines and screen press in the TechShop window. I thought, ‘Hey, wait a minute!’ A month or two later, I finally visited. After taking the tour I was like, ‘Oh, yeah! This is what we need for 2017!’”

How are you using TechShop?

Right now my business partner, Stephanie Margolis, and I are working on getting our products into retailers and wholesalers, so we need display cases we can send them to use in the stores. I’ve been using the laser cutter to help make shelving and to cut some of the packaging for our products. Recently I’ve really been into the powder-coating equipment. We’ve been using it to professionally color some of our spoons and other merchandise. That’s something I definitely couldn’t do at home in the basement.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about TechShop?

When I first came here I thought I was going to put in the necessary hours, get stuff done and then leave. I didn’t realize the networking and community aspect that comes along with TechShop. There’s so much collective brainstorming and sharing of information. It’s unbelievable really. And the classes are unbelievable. I plan on taking every one here.